The best editing I've ever seen

I'm beside myself with excitement to share these gems with you this week! This travel short is my favorite example of video editing I've ever seen by far. Also, we're including links for thought about the power of storytelling, and also some codec considerations.

This video will leave you breathless. Leonardo Dalessandri brought together hundreds of clips from his travels in Turkey into a powerful video, set to the perfect soundtrack. Every time you watch this, you'll see something new—and become equally entranced as the first time. How does he achieve this powerful sensation of motion?

On a related note, every photographer should see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It's such a poised, balanced film shot on celluloid and crafted with powerful composition and pristine color. When you watch it, the underlying message begins to emerge: How can you experience photography without experiencing life?


In order to share content well, first seek to understand CoDecs and file formats. While you needn't become a leading expert on file formats and compression algorithms, a comprehensive understanding of different file types and CoDecs will impact your media quality for the best.


When's the last time you introduced yourself as a storyteller to a new acquaintance? Whether we realize it or not, those of us in media and ministry have one primary job that underlies everything else: we tell stories. Every photo, every sound bite, every Instagram or graphic communicates a story to the audience; the only question left is whether we're intentional and skilled at telling the right story.


That's all for now, folks! Remember, we want this to be a dynamic community, and everyone has something to offer. Feel free to reply to this email and get our brain-juices churning with questions, comments, or ideas of things to share in the next newsletter!