Coloring outside the lines

When was the last time you felt immersed in a film? Do you grade with a purpose? How do you grade your footage? While you may have no idea what I mean by that, take heart in knowing that it's just fancy talk for color correcting. Good ol', classic, run-of-the-mill color correcting—with a creative purpose!


When was the last time you felt immersed in a film? Tint and temperature contribute tangible tension to an image, similar to the way that connotation differs from denotation due to context and combination.


Do you grade with a purpose? As much as composition and framing, color processing and contrast adjustments make or break visual media. Whether you choose to process your images in-camera, or tweak adjustments in post-production software, color develops a thematic fingerprint that communicates the heart of your videos and photos!


So how do we apply color grading to footage? While it can be quite complex, don't forget the fundamental purpose and function of color grading: to achieve a desired "feel" for your footage. As a matter of fact, you can grade in your camera simply by tweaking your picture styles and temperature settings!


Not everybody loves cats. Most people love kittens, though! But do you love LUTs? Yes. You love LUTs. Repeat after me: "I love LUTs"! Why do you love LUTs? Because these kittens tell you why. They're a combo of easy visual styling crossed with the versatility of duct tape.


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