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It's time! We're back with our second resources post. Today's links revolve around the value of video, the value of equipment, and the value of planning ahead!


Why do you make videos? What do videos contribute that a photo—or graphic or witty quote—cannot? Always make sure you know the purpose of your product before you invest time in producing it. Watch this animation that says it all.


At the risk of joining the internet cliché, here's a list of 8 filmmaking myths you should stop believing. Do you believe any of these? Prove all these myths wrong! Get back to basics of storytelling, forget the equipment and go shoot with your iPhone.


While equipment is never the goal, there's a unique challenge in shooting and editing when your resources are short. Sound holds great power to make or break your video, and it all starts with recording a clean track. Know your microphone options, and choose a powerful soundtrack when there are no voices.


On a less serious note, I need to extend a thank-you to all of my friends who patiently allow me to "test" new equipment and techniques on them. This one's for the test subjects!


Have you seen any valuable reads lately, found any wonderful resources to help our creative community grow? Send them to us! Don't forget that this is a dynamic community, and everyone has something to offer. Of course we're happy to answer questions—or to pass them on for discussion—so feel free to reply and get us thinking!