It started with a passion for people.

With a small Nikon D60, I set out to capture the beauty of God's creation. Tears, laughter, dreams – people inspire my camera. God fills and fuels my heart, and His most prized creation inspires my continual growth.

As a senior in high school, my passion for photography grew from my work as the Sports Editor of our yearbook. The Battalion student newspaper swallowed me whole as a Page Design Editor throughout my freshman year, and I took the mantel of Photo Editor in autumn of my sophomore year. With the new experience of college surrounding me, I had set out to capture the burning Aggie Spirit around me. In retrospect, I now recognize this as a deeper connection, a spirit born from people in community. I love telling peoples' stories.

I enjoy long walks in the rain, baby sloths, tango in the sultry summer night, and serving others with my skills. Not much brings me greater joy than the joy of others. Friends and family encourage me as I continue to pursue the arduous journey to work as a medical doctor. Also, feel free to check out my design portfolio! Albeit a small sampling, I hope it exhibits my versatility.


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