Howdy! I am Josh McKenna, a freshman Biology major at Texas A&M University working towards a profession in the medical field, likely in a form of general or emergency surgery, but alas—that is a discussion for another time.

Over the winter break following my first semester of college, I read Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance, an interesting narrative by Atul Gawande about the flawed, furrowed human condition—and how that human condition influences our micro-roles in a macro-world.

This blog explores further into this concept of betterment, of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (not actually the film, of course); within this periodic text, we will explore the premise of perfection and all of its companions.

Daily, some strive and some stray—but this we day-to-day must ultimately decide for ourselves.

So! "Without further gilding of the lily, and with no more ado", I give to you a wondrous conundrum, both the mantra and mane for this fine feign, my blog's name: Planes and Plantains.